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I am legitimately considering doing a fandub scene or something when I’ve finished a few projects and even if it ends up being awful it will be fun and a change of pace so why the heck not also hello run-on sentence how are you I am fine good to see you again how are the kids

I'm going to regret asking this but, what's Golden Time?

It’s a wacky ol’ romantic comedy animu but I actually really like it ‘cause it moves beyond typical tropes and tells a pretty good story. Also it’s exceptionally funny at times.

Which is one of the reasons I’d never abridge it. It’s already danged hysterical. 

It’s almost like… if I wanted to see a Golden Time dub… I’d have to… I’D HAVE TO…


Wait, so Golden Time’s getting a DVD/BD release, but with no dub? That’s disappointing. That’d be a great excuse to rewatch that silly-ass show.

You know... What do you think would happen if Naegi and Komaeda, either from the Abridged Thing or the actual games, met each other?

Don’t tempt me to record something. Because I’ll do it. I’ll record the shit out of it.

(I'm the same anon) Hehe, it's true that we female audience watched DRAT before that (well part of it, someone probably started watching because of it). I mean I love Komaeda and Hinata and all but DRAT was and is seriously an amazing work and Faulerro is great.


Definitely agreeing with you! DRAT was what got me into Dangan Ronpa in the first place, so I’m so thankful to Faulerro for being the gateway into a whole crazy new fandom while always being there pumping out more hilarious episodes. Seriously. I love them. And yeah, female audience here proving that we can watch weird british abridged works and enjoy it as much as any man! (Not that I’m complaining about the Double Drat episodes. They can stay) 

I was partly joking when it came to “expanding my demographics” with the Komahina short. Though it’s nice to appeal to more than just one part of the gender spectrum, I’ve actually been bugged by people for ages to put out more Double DRAT content, but the other video I was working on met some hiccups so I felt like a quick 15 second skit was in order. Hence “Summoning”.

Anyway, apologies if it sounds like I’m making excuses. I’m glad there are fans of all shapes, sizes, genders and whatever out there! DRAT is a lot of fun and I’m happy to give it to folks, y’all included!

I want to watch hetalia for the first time because my friends say its funny but they said the same thing about boku no pico SO MASTER FAULERRO PLEASE GRANT ME YOUR ADVICE!😉

I watched like the first season of Hetalia and yeah it’s pretty amusing stuff. Just depends on how you feel about wild stereotypes of countries being super gay with one another.

So you saw that the video with Komaeda and Hinata was the one with the most female viewers, and then did another video with Komaeda and Hinata? WE'RE ON TO YOU, MR. FAULERRO

AHHH YOU GOT ME. It turns out I’m trying to expand my demographics so I can appeal to a wider audience rather than mainly dudes! How embarrassing!

…What, were you expecting something else?

Today I started work on a video that is neither DRAT nor Nullmetal nor anything else I’ve mentioned before. I WONDER HOW THIS WILL TURN OUT.

what program do you you to edit voices? Specific example is Al's robotic voice from Nullmetal

Al’s is, from Episode 3 onwards, not done with a filter, but rather by speaking through a metal mixing bowl. That said, all the other filters, like Celes’, are from using Goldwave.